Intro to Bachata: Decoded

Learn the basic steps and patterns of Bachata!

Learn the basic patterns and footwork of Bachata in this free introductory course! James Valentino will teach you about timing, direction, musicality, partnership, and more! This course is designed to equip you with the fundamental understanding how to speak and ad-lib the language of Bachata. Study points are short and straightforward. This way you can add elements as you can handle them. This course training will speed up and enhance your dance floor awareness. Let's get started!

What's included?

3 Videos
1 Quiz
2 Surveys
1 Text
James Valentino
James Valentino

About the instructor

James Valentino is competitive/social dancer, teacher, coach, choreographer, and studio owner. He is the founder of City Style Tango Dance Studio and is known for his passion for dance.

He achieved associate dance degrees in smooth and rhythm ballroom dance, with a high honors associate degree in Argentine tango.

James has competed in the Argentine Tango USA Championships, placed in Detroit's Champion of the Dance Floor, won the Michigan Dance Challenge Argentine Tango Championship, won several Dancing with the Local Stars events, and has received several awards for best studio and wedding choreography.